Wendy Hersh (aka. WENDEE) presents exciting musical programs geared to show children and teachers how to express themselves musically while learning about the various assembly themes. Each of these 45 minute programs are fast paced, humorous, interactive, and exciting.

About the Artist - Wendy Hersh is a professional musician who has worked extensively in concerts, workshops, teaching, recording and touring often getting calls for repeat performances. She has been bringing her talent, experience, enthusiasm and imagination to schools, festivals, libraries and preschools for over 15 years.

The Shows

I'm Taking Care of Me-Through song, stories, dance and puppetry, students learn about various aspects of maintaining personal health and well being. Topics include nutrition, exercise, hygiene, reading, self-esteem. This is no preachy program, just a fun introduction that can be enhanced later in the classroom. (Pre-K to 3rd grade)

The Mathematics of Music- Patterns are Everywhere- Using chant, clapping, singing, simple instruments, drums and visuals, students are introduced to the mathematical relationships in rhythm, tempo and melody. They learn about note values, melodic and rhythmic patterns. Fun addition and subtraction with notes can be brought back to the class for extra practice. Teachers can incorporate the chant ideas for syllable recognition. Make music pizza, or musical stew. (Pre K-6th grade)

Family Fun Show- a fun-filled, totally interactive music show guaranteed to have you dancing out of your seat. Great for spring festivals, fund raisers, back to school nights.

Study sheets available for each show

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Music Workshops for Preschool Teachers and Daycare Providers, Kindergarten

Workshop Title- Its All In The Rhythm-music for prereading skills, and other music FUN!

Resume - Masters degree in Music Education. Taught grades preK-12.

Music specialist for several preschools. Small group classes with "sing-dance-play-rhythm" used to introduce real musical concepts. Performer/songwriter/recording artist- active in the Los Angeles area in preschools, libraries, festivals, malls, etc. "Animal Dance.." a CD of her original childrens music was nominated for 4 music awards in 2001. Also teaches private piano lessons.

Workshop track -Early Childhood learning

Length of workshop- 1 1/2 hours


Description- We will explore the various ways kids can experience rhythm and patterns by singing, dancing, large movements, and most importantly clapping and playing. WENDEE's use of "rhythm words" and movement to make "Music Pizza" and "Musical Stew" are early steps to syllable identification. We clue in on sound and the beat. Easy keyboard skills with pattern recognition are introduced. How to involve the shy singer and encourage listening skills will be discussed. Go on a "musical roller coaster ride" . Meet the mouse and the bear voices. How to use rhythm instruments and tone bells to increase music exploration will be demonstrated.


For more info or booking call 661-294-1289 or Email Wendee