So, you thought you would sit and listen to a nice concert? Well, get ready to rock, roll, wiggle, jump and spin while WENDEE takes you on a wild musical trip that's fit for an aerobics class!!! With her colorful outfits, crazy dances, and a few sing-a-longs, WENDEE will definitely get your kids attention and maybe even wear them out for a nap. With an eclectic mix of musical styles you will rock while you "Brush Your Teeth and Comb Your Hair 20 Times", you'll boogie to the "Thumb-Pinkie Rap" and sizzle in the bath as you get "Clean Again" jazz style. Watch out or the Stray Cat style "Allie Alligator" puppet might come right up to you and take a bite! Oh, and don't forget the beach sounds of "Animal Dance", put on your swim fins......

"Interaction in the music as well as the live concerts is one of my main goals in writing" says WENDEE. "How cool is it to see 300 kids wiggling their fingers and stomping their feet or maybe acting like an elephant?"

Her fun-loving style and ability to relate to the 2 to 9 year old audience is what keeps families coming back time after time, and venues calling to book shows year after year. Whether at a shopping mall, festival, library, preschool, birthday party or a hospital, WENDEE sings and laughs WITH you, and brings a smile. Her newly released CD "Animal Dance and Other Silly Songs" contains 14 original songs guaranteed to keep the kids listening, moving and singing along. Adults may want to listen even without the kids!

With degrees in music and elementary education, and years of performing experience playing rock, jazz, show music and even orchestral music, its easy to see where the musical influences come from. Wendy Katell-Hersh has been teaching piano and preschool music in Castaic, in addition to raising a son and performing her concerts all over Southern California. She was featured on a cable TV show called "1-2-3 Grow". For more information or booking call WENDEE at 661-294-1289












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