What’s as colorful as a rainbow,  happy as a clown, enthusiastic as an aerobic instructor and sings original songs for children? Its WENDEE. With an open heart and a desire to reach kids through song, Wendee’s brand of childrens’ music brings a new sound and lyric variation to the  young ears of America. With musical styles ranging from  country rock,  blues  and folk to jazz, pop, calypso and yes, even rap, each song takes on a life of its own.

Wendy Hersh, aka WENDEE has had a lifetime of musical training and performing experience. Growing up she played piano, clarinet, violin and guitar and sang in various choirs. As an adult she took up bass guitar and toured the US playing in rock bands.

All of her experiences playing in bands, orchestras and the like gave her an insight into how music is made and received. Armed with degrees in elementary  and music education Wendee eventually started writing, recording and performing original music for young children. In addition  she loves to incorporate public domain songs with her own special spin into her shows. Parodies are another staple in Wendee’s musical arsenal.

Her ease in entertaining young children, while communicating educational ideas and having fun  through song are Wendee’s trademark. “The 2 to 9 year olds are my ideal audience. They love to sing and move to the rhythm.  There is always something fun or important to teach kids about, so I will never run out of song ideas”.  

    Songs from Wendee’s CD “Animal Dance and Other Silly Songs” are downloaded all over the world and used in preschools and dance studios as well as car CD players !!